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Parent testimonials

USPSA Parents Can't Say Enough about Power Soccer's Benefits

Just like any other sport, power soccer teaches values that our players take into their personal lives. Hear what power soccer parents have to say about the impact this sport has made in their lives.

Power Soccer Transforms Lives

"As a 10-year old kid, my son Jordan was not interested in playing the sport.  My wife insisted he try it and took him to a clinic where he fell in love with a sport that would teach him life lessons he could not get elsewhere.  Competing as a team, and winning and losing, prepare young people for success in the world. Today, he is a USPSA Premier Cup champion and a World Cup Champion.  His success on the court has translated to his life off the court.  He recently graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a degree in business and is preparing to pursue a master’s degree.  Now athletes across the country and the world want to be like Jordan.  Power soccer transforms lives!"
- Tom D.

Power Soccer Fills the Void

"My son was introduced to the world of power soccer when he started college and began using a wheelchair full time.  It was a silver lining making this change a bit easier to accept.  For many years he was unable to play sports and did not have opportunities to meet people, be competitive, or participate in many social activities.  Power soccer shows the world that athletes come in many shapes, sizes, and abilities, and can be as fierce as any little league baseball game.  We have been involved with power soccer for over 5 years and have attended national tournaments as well as the World Cup.  Power soccer fills the void in my son's life so well!"
- Lisa J.

Develop Independence While Having Fun

"Power soccer is a fast-paced sport, and our son, Tyler, is able to play both competitively as well as independently.  Power soccer has enabled our son to live a more fulfilled life while making new friends locally as well as all over the world!"
- Megan H.

Truly Competitive

"We were actively looking for a competitive sport for our son (Yash) for number of years. He was excited to participate in other challenge athlete sports while in elementary school, however it did not take him long to figure out that those options were not competitive enough. Since sports were one of his lifelines, we were equally disappointed when he could not find something that would keep him actively involved. It was during one of the swimming appointment in Brooks Rehabilitation when we learned about a power soccer team in Jacksonville, FL. Yash wasted no time and was at next Brooks Barracudas practice. Yash immediately knew he wanted to be part of it. Power soccer proved to be just the right sport for Yash. It had the speed, challenge and thrill like any other competitive sport. It  gave Yash something to look forward to, grow his personality and sporting acumen. He got the opportunity to play with other teams in the nation. Tampa Thunder, a premiere cup team, acted as mentors for Brooks Barracudas. As a result, Yash did not hesitate applying for University of South Florida as he graduated from high school and requested the coaches and league to join Tampa Thunder. He was thrilled to be accepted to USF as well as Tampa Thunder where he could compete and grow with the best. We, as parents, could not have been more thrilled knowing that Yash could grow his personality from very positive interaction he has had with his teammates and coaches across the nation. Power soccer has provided the motivation for Yash to keep innovating his game on and off the court. Power soccer has provided Yash with an additional avenue to express himself and  get better with each success and failure. Yash now keeps recruiting other challenged athletes since he know what power soccer has done for him . He would not want others to miss the opportunity of lifetime."
- Hemant R.

Power Soccer Can Improve More than Just Game Skills

"One of the best decisions I ever made was to sign my son up for a power wheelchair soccer clinic at the YMCA. The day of the clinic we almost changed our minds and did not go, but I said well let’s just go see what it is all about. From the moment Ryan had a guard placed on his wheelchair and he pushed this really large ball around the gym he was hooked. This sport changed his life forever before soccer he was a “c” average student and would say why should I really try I won’t be able to do anything when I am older. After he started playing he began to have an “A” average and wanted to attend college and began to believe he could do anything. If you are considering letting your child try power soccer I would say absolutely! But beware you might not be able to wipe the smiles from their face the first time they score a goal. Finally - a sport for those who use a power chair."
- Jamie C.

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