2024 Conference Cup Series starts June 13!

How to start playing

It’s never been easier to start playing power soccer. If you’re excited about the sport, turn that feeling into action.

Whether you’re interested in joining a team and becoming a power soccer athlete, or volunteering your time as a coach, or referee, there are numerous ways to get involved.  First, check our USPSA Team Listing to see if there is already a program in your area.  If there is, simply contact them and visit during a practice or competition.  If there isn’t a team nearby, you can contact one of the USPSA Regional Directors to help you plan and organize a clinic in your area. Thank you for your interest in the sport of power soccer and our community!  We look forward to seeing you on the court!

First Steps

You’ve seen power soccer and want to join the excitement!  Where do you start?  First, check our USPSA Team Listing and see if there is a program in your area.  If there is, reach out to them and let them know you’re interested in getting involved.  Our teams are always happy to welcome new people.

If there is no power soccer program in your area, the USPSA is here to help you start your own.  First, be sure to check our power soccer clinic and demonstration schedule to see if others in your area are also interested in starting a team.  If there is a clinic planned for your area, simply register and attend.  If there is no clinic planned in your area, contact one of USPSA Regional Directors and they will work with you to plan and organize a power soccer clinic.  Depending on location, the Regional Director will either travel to you and assist with the clinic, or they will coordinate with a team in the region to assist. Not only will we help you run your clinic and introduce people to this wonderful sport, but we will also provide you with information and resources to get your program off the ground.

To help with the initial planning process, download this guide for hosting a power soccer clinic. 

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