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Get to Know Our Committees

Thanks to the efforts of the USPSA committees, we’re able to accomplish a lot more for our organization and our athletes

In power soccer, every athlete has a role to play within the team. Offensive or defense, goalie or kicker, each player must fulfill their own responsibility while advancing the goal of the team. In the same way, the goals of the USPSA are advanced by our individual committees. Each committee has a specific mission and purpose within the organization, but together they all work toward our greater goals.

We hope you’ll take some time learning about the committees that make our work possible, and the individuals who dedicate so much of themselves to our success.

Athletes Advisory Committee

This committee creates information and reports for the executive committee that deals with matters for players. They also create surveys to gain such information to gather feedback from players.

Awards & Scholarship Committee

Committee Chair: Steve Everett

The Awards and Scholarship Committee for the United States Power Soccer Association is dedicated to recognizing and supporting exceptional talent and dedication in the sport of power soccer. This committee is responsible for overseeing the selection and distribution of various awards and scholarships, aimed at acknowledging the achievements and potential of athletes, coaches, and contributors within the power soccer community. Their work not only celebrates excellence in the sport but also fosters growth and opportunity for individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to power soccer in the United States.

Communications & Media Committee

Committee Chair: Natalie Russo

This committee communicates the message created by the Marketing Committee. The two work hand in hand to create strong messaging. This committee creates content and ensures social media is updated with current information. This committee may also be involved with creating pressers for print and other electronic media sources. The communication committee is also responsible for the upkeep and management of all USPSA website and internet related communications.

Content and Reporting
This is a subcommittee for the Communications and Media Committee. We need writers who can be a source of real time information for games, players, and team activities for the Communications and Media committee. You create stories that interest you and send to the committee. Also includes writing for the USPSA Blog.

Elections Committee

This is a human resource function to continue to recruit potential board member candidates. You will also create and adjust criteria required to be considered for any key position in the organization. You will conduct interviews and make recommendations for approval vetted candidates for officers of the USPSA

Equipment Specification Committee

Do you have a strong understanding of the workings of a wheelchair? Do you like to memorialize details of size, weight, length, and other details that deal with the equipment used to play the game? This committee would also evaluate the recommendations for adoption by the FIPFA for any equipment specification, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for rejection or ratification.

Finance Committee

This is the accounting and numbers side of the organization. If you have accounting experience, skilled with Excel and quickbooks, you can have an impact here. This committee is very active during registration and budgeting periods by assisting the Treasurer with tasks dealing with the creation of our financial statement.

Grassroots Committee

The Grassroots Committee is a subcommittee to the Athletes Advisory Committee whose main mission is to gather feedback from the players regarding issues relating to the game. They are also working to develop a post-season competition for Non-Conference teams and an appropriate format. They are also working on a new team focus in the era of the Strikeforce.

Hall of Fame Committee

We are currently 2 years past the establishment date for this committee. This committee would gather facts, stats, and background for making recommendations to the Hall of Fame. Currently the Hall would be virtual and online contained in our website.

Legislative & Bylaws Committee

Committee Chair: Peyton Sefick

If you have legal, governance, and non-profit management experience, your help can be used on this committee. As the game changes and laws change the organization also needs to adjust its bylaws to reflect current times. You will also assist with the management of the Annual General Meeting to ensure all measures are dealt with according to the criteria outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws

Marketing Committee

The marketing and development committee develops and advises the executive committee on the policy and strategic plan to promote the USPSA's mission and causes. Marketing committees may use a range of methods to get the word out, some of which include press releases, magazine ads and direct mail campaigns. They shall assist the communications and media committee with content and promotions of individual teams and the overall sport on the website. Must have prior experience in marketing.

Officials & Rules Committee

Committee Chair: Mike McCoy

This committee deals with all things that deal with referees and the Laws of the Game.

Player Classification Committee

If you are a classifier certified Nationally or Internationally we encourage you to be part of this committee. Make recommendations and plans to train and expand the number of classifiers throughout the country. You will also make recommendation for international assignments for competitions outside of the US.

Tournament Selection Committee

The Tournament Selection Committee plays a crucial role in the strategic planning and execution of national tournaments. This committee is tasked with the careful evaluation and selection of locations for these significant events, ensuring that venues meet specific criteria for accessibility, facilities, and geographic distribution to best serve the power soccer community.

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