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What does it take to be a competitive power soccer player? Skill, heart, and lots and lots of practice. Learn more about our athletes.

As with any sport, you play as you practice so the more you practice the better you will play. There are several ways to build your skill level but it is best to start with the basics.

Chair Control

Having knowledge and controlling your chair is the first step of your development. Knowing what your chair is capable of and its limitations are important. Most chairs can be adjusted for overall speed, turning, braking, acceleration, forwards and backwards. You must find the adjustments that best work for you. There are no set programs that fit every player but there is a program for you. Typically, your coach may have a programmer that can adjust your chair but if not, in many cases it can be found on ebay.

Ball Control

Once you have the control of your chair, you can now develop ball handling skills. Learn how to move the ball from side to side; ie dribbling with the ball. Dribbling the ball is an important skill to learn as you will use this skill throughout your power soccer career dealing with one on one situations. Keep the ball under control and do not allow it to move faster than your chair can recover control.

Spatial Awareness

Knowing where all your teammates are on the court at all times is just as important as knowing where the defenders are. Soccer is a team sport and advancing the ball up and down the court requires knowing where your teammates are to pass the ball to continue your advance towards your opponent’s goal.

Being in a passing lane and open to receive a pass is also a skill. The game is not static and is free flowing, therefore you need to develop vision and anticipation of where the ball will likely go next. Experience in playing the game will help you develop this skill.

2023-2024 approved Player Transfers

Amin Mohammadshahi – LA Galaxy PSC
Mariah Serratos – San Jose Flash
Haseeb Shir – Golden State Ducks
Liam Kopp – DASA Cyclones
Tyler Engel – GLASA Chicago Fire
Kenzie Damon – GLASA Chicago Fire
Jenna Filip – DASA Cyclones
Matther Russell – AZ Heat
Jackson Weaver – San Jose Steamrollers
Tyler Czapkay – Golden State Ducks
Keith Kingston – San Jose Flash
Ryan Connolly – LA Galaxy PSC
Stanley Kuang – Golden State Ducks

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