2024 Conference Cup Series starts June 13!
2024 Conference Cup Series starts June 13!

uspsa referees

USPSA referees are some of the best power soccer referees in the world. If you’d like to join their ranks, we’d love to train you. Learn more.

Welcome to the USPSA referee page!  USPSA referees are amongst the top power soccer referees in the world.  If you are interested in becoming a power soccer referee, please use the registration link to sign up.  

After attending a local in-person or online training clinic, along with on court training, you may register and can then officially work matches.  We are especially looking for experienced outdoor USSF referees who want to give back to the game we all love. This is your opportunity to see differently-abled athletes play the game in a fashion you’ve never seen or experienced before!  Think of futsal with powered wheelchairs, then picture yourself in the middle of a demolition derby and you’ve captured the game of power soccer!

Seriously though, this is an amazing sport in which the US won the first two World Cups (Tokyo 2007 and Paris 2011) and dominates virtually every tournament it has competed in.  The Laws of the Game are exactly like FIFA’s with two notable exceptions: instead of a throw-in, the players conduct a kick-in; and, since the sport is 2 dimensional instead of 3, the offside law has been replaced with the field position law which creates artificial space allowing the players to dribble and pass more freely.  USSF has officially recognized power soccer referees as USSF referees.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for additional information or any questions (fortmickey@aol.com).  

Please join us,
Mike McCoy
Supervisor of Officials: United States Power Soccer Assoc.Supervisor of Officials: American Powerchair Football Confederation

Concussion Training

Get prepared for the new season in less than 30 minutes.

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, referees, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. Get started with your training today!

For additional information and fact sheets/action plans you can print out, visit the CDC Website. 

2021-2022 USPSA Registered Referees

Raphael Rodriguez
Jonathan Newman
Dan Chafey
Michael Vigneault
William Cain
Brooke Matula
Mike Hayes
Allison Hayes
Neil Shipley
Dana Laplume
Michael McCoy
Andy Green
Armando Ornelas
Aaron Wiley
Vincent Lopolito
George Ostrom
Mark Jones
Ryan Gates
Kevin Warren
Michael Braun
Dave Macy
Karen Bougher
Tiffany Kuang
Tom Cunningham
John Connolly
Ramon Sabillon
Shane Butler
Brianna Porter
Doug Wolff
Andrew Eggleston
Judson VanStee
John Donlevy
Paul Navazio
Charles Watson
Edwin Romero
David Ruelas
David "Tripp" Johnson
Zak Schmoll
Dave Demland
Vinh Trinh
Todd Merickel
Andrew Monteau
Alexandra Samperio
Rilo Rodriguez
Tracy Mayer
Pierre Seguin
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