November 9, 2017

Winter's Coming, but the Heat is Rising in the Northeast!

Zak Schmoll
(Photo credit: Athletes Roll)

I have been active in power soccer in the Northeast since the spring of 2010. As a member of the Vermont Chargers, I can still remember our first trip to the University of New Hampshire to square off with Northeast Passage. We were the only two teams that were there, and we only played one game. To be able to travel to Durham this past Sunday, November 5 and have nine teams square off in Northeast Power Soccer League competition is pretty remarkable to say the least. The fact that a league day of this size even exists speaks to the dedication and passion of so many here in our region. I know I speak for many of us when I say that I appreciate the work of those who coordinated the creation of our regional league.

Over the two days of competition which actually began with three games Saturday night, CNY United (4-0) exercised their typical pinpoint passing and team chemistry to come away with victories in very convincing fashion. The trio of Champions Cup contenders, the Boston Brakers (1-1-1), the PRHC Chariots (2-1) and the Northeast Passage Wildcats (1-3-1), are continuing to rise and watching them square off with each other shows a continuation of rivalries that will only become more competitive as the years go on. Each of those teams have the potential to beat each other on any given day, so it really comes down to who executes most effectively and finishes effectively at the net. 

Coming down from the far north were my own team, the Vermont Chargers (1-2) and Juni Sport of Montréal, Québec (2-2). Three relatively new squads, the Upper Valley Wheelers (0-2), the Baystate Falcons (2-1) and the Northeast Passage Power Cats (1-2), joined the fray as well to round out the field of nine competitors.

As someone who has been there from very early in the development of New England power soccer, this was such an encouraging day. It is great to see not only several teams come together and compete, but the level of play continues to rise. We will continue to push each other harder and harder, and we will all benefit from making the Northeast Power Soccer League a stronger and stronger circuit.

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