July 10, 2018

Stay Hydrated with FlexiMug

Cameron Broyles

Dehydrated after practice or a game? I know that when I forget to drink water, I don’t think as quickly. For most kids/adults with a physical disability, we have to exert a lot of energy to do some of the smallest tasks. And if you’re like me and have dystonia, you might be constantly burning calories just being tight all the time. In this case, it’s extremely important to make sure that I am constantly getting in enough water. 

Many people don’t realize that power soccer consists of a tremendous amount of hand/eye/motor coordination. So it is extremely important for me to drink tons of water to keep my muscles from fatiguing. To keep this from happening, the FlexiMug can be attached to the back or side of your powerchair/wheelchair and the flexi straw can reach all the way to your mouth so you don’t have to exert any extra energy to get a sip of water.

As a power soccer player, I also believe that this cup can be used in other wheelchair bound sports as well: rugby, wheelchair basketball, etc. Another benefit of this cup/straw combo is that if you have a problem with aspirating (taking water into your lungs), you can simply flatten the tip of the straw so that the flow of water coming into your mouth is much less and you can drink a little slower. You can order the Fleximug online, of course like all things for special needs, it’s a little pricey, but so worth it! Hopefully this will not only increase your hydration, but also improve your performance as a player.  Below is a link to the website for a really good mug.

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