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February 18, 2021

Power Soccer Goes Viral Again, This Time with the Help of the Rocket League Community


In the past few years, highlights from USPSA teams have gone viral on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Well, you can now add Reddit to that list. Last month power soccer made it to the top of the Rocket League subreddit with a post that had over 18,000 likes and 280 comments. Website traffic from this post also set a record high for the number of users to make it to the USPSA website. The post featured a goal scored by RHI Sudden Impact in the 2018 Premier Cup National Championship.

This isn’t USPSA’s first involvement with Rocket League. In 2017, Psyonix, the creator of the game, was an official sponsor of the FIPFA World Cup. Rocket League is a free to download video game where rocket-propelled cars play a game of high-flying soccer. You can find Rocket League on many different gaming platforms, including Xbox, Playstation, and Steam. 

There are many similarities between power soccer and Rocket League, making it easy to understand why power soccer athletes are drawn to the game. Teams of three work together to use their vehicles to score a goal against their opponent, much like the four athletes for a team in power soccer. Another similarity is that there are multiple skill levels and divisions that help maintain a competitive balance.

Many individuals in the Rocket League and power soccer communities have embraced these similarities and created a new shared fandom. Rocket League is the video game of choice for many power soccer athletes, and some even utilize it as a training tool.

To learn more about Rocket League, visit rocketleague.com. Be on the lookout for more exciting information about Rocket League and power soccer.

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