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August 6, 2018

DIY Power Soccer Tether Ball

Cameron Broyles

Do you ever wonder how you can consistently practice without a gym or a team? Sometimes going to the gym to practice on a weekly basis isn’t enough to improve. For me, it’s a little hard because it’s quite difficult to find a parking lot outside that is flat in Colorado. An efficient way to practice spin kicks and train your muscles and your brain on how to operate a Strike Force chair is to build a real simple tether with a power soccer ball mechanism.

Here’s what you need to practice on your own: 

Now, to make sure that the ball doesn’t fly out of the net, tie-rap each end so that the ball is nicely contained in the net. Next hook one end of the bungee cord to the net and the other end attaches to the weight. To conclude the building process, just simply place the weight in an open area and practice. Several of these products can be found in your local athletics store. This works on anticipating where the ball will go and improve accuracy with spin kicks and frontal hits. It accelerates the pace to get lined up to the ball. This is an incredibly huge advantage during a scrimmage on a goal or a corner kick.

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