January 28, 2018

7 Amazing Power Soccer Pictures from 2017

Riley Johnson
The Power Soccer Channel

Photos #1 and #2: The 2017 FIPFA World Cup Opening Ceremonies

All 10 Nations that competed in the 2017 FIPFA World Cup. From Left: Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, United States, Uruguay, Ireland, England, Canada and Argentina. © 2017 Scot Goodman

The start of the opening ceremonies. Michael Archer holds the flag, followed by the rest of Team USA. © 2017 Scot Goodman

The World Cup Opening Ceremonies was on a scale that many had never experienced before. Energy and excitement inside the arena was incredibly high, partly because it had been almost 6 years since the last World Cup. Scot Goodman deserves a lot of credit, because to me, this picture fully captures what I felt at the World Cup Opening Ceremonies. Coming out with teammates to a cheering crowd is something I’ll never forget.

Photos #3 and #4: 2017 MK Battery Conference Cup Series

Ryan Connolly of the San Jose Steamrollers winds up for a kick to his teammate Stanley Kuang during the 2017 MK Battery Conference Cup. Photo by Jeffrey Engel.

The 29 teams that competed at the tournament last June. Photo by The Power Soccer Channel

Another year, another intense MK Battery Conference Cup, and this one was a bit bigger than usual. From across three conferences, 29 teams competed, which was the most teams at a tournament in the US, ever. In the three days that the tournament lasted, 92 games were played.

The most watched game was the Premiere Cup final between the RHI Sudden Impact, and the Circle City Rollers with 1300+ views. The lead changed once, but the game was tied at 3 different times. Circle City maintained the final lead, winning the game 5-3.

Photos #5 and #6: Power Soccer Family Camp

‍A chair spinning before a match in cosmic soccer. Cosmic soccer is one of many popular games at Power Soccer Family Camp. Photo by The Power Soccer Channel.

The campers and instructors at 2017’s camp. Photo by The Power Soccer Channel.

I made a video on Power Soccer Family Camp with the intention of providing a glimpse into something that many aren’t aware of: that camp is a different kind of fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love the competition that tournaments provide. It’s fun to have all my hard work and strategy be presented center stage.

What you’ll get at camp isn’t high stakes (unless you’re playing against your cabin mates), but it’s something that many call “unforgettable”. At camp, you get to learn and enjoy power soccer together from all over the country and even the world. You’ll certainly have time to learn or improve your skills, but you’ll have much more time than at tournaments to socialize with players you’ve never talked to. You’ll try new power soccer “games”, create lasting friendships, and have unforgettable memories.

Photo #7: Team USA

Team USA lines up in front of fans after winning their pool play match against Argentina. © 2017 Scot Goodman

Thank you to everyone who supported Team USA. Whether you were cheering us on at the games, or cheering us on over the livestreams, we appreciated your support throughout the tournament. Thank you to those who volunteered at training camps, and to everyone that made the tournament possible. To all the sponsors, thank you. Thank you to the coaches, managers and referees. Thank you to the families of the team. Finally, thank you to the members of Team USA. It had been a great three years sharing it with you all.

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