November 5, 2018

5 Reasons Why It's Important to Register with the USPSA

Natalie Russo, Cameron Broyles
Scot Goodman

Searching for another team to face off against can be a little disappointing if you don’t live close to another team and/or have to drive hours upon hours. While the USPSA is continuing to raise awareness about power soccer throughout the country, teams are popping up all over. With more than 60 registered teams, the USPSA has a growing number of players every year - check out the full list of registered teams and their locations on our website.

While it is strongly recommended that teams register with the USPSA, there are quite a few people playing power soccer that we don't know about. Here's why you should go ahead and register with us:

  1. Just playing for fun? No problem! It's free to register as a recreation team. With no game requirements, recreation teams are allowed to practice and play as often they'd like. By registering with the USPSA, it lets us know where pockets of people playing power soccer so if we have a new athlete in your area, we can send them your way!
  2. We want to support you.You can receive up-to-date news on everything national and international about the sport of power soccer, including inspirational stories on athletes, additional training, tournament opportunities and more. USPSA members also have the opportunity to purchase team insurance at a discount and can have voting rights should you register as a conference or non-conference team, which gives you a voice about the direction of the organization.
  3. Important to grow awareness. The USPSA has been working diligently for the past 12 years to educate and spread the word on this amazing sport, but yet there are people who are just now learning about the sport. We want everyone who can benefit from playing the sport to have the opportunity to play, but first, they need to know about it. As a registered team with USPSA, it will help to grow awareness in your own community and with awareness also comes potential funding, volunteers and community support.
  4. Join the power soccer community. With over 450 athletes and 150 staff members throughout the US, there is a wealth of knowledge that is available for a new team to tap into. The power soccer community is a welcoming community of people just like you. From athletes with all types of disabilities to parents, personal care attendants, PT's, OT's sponsors and fans - all people involved with the USPSA are here for the same cause: to play, watch and support incredible athletes. The power soccer community can help inspire creative ways to fundraise, learn new and unique ways to coach and train a team and learn from someone who has "been there, done that." It can offer a wealth of resources pertinent to the game and beyond.
  5. Raise more money with an organization behind you. Being connected to the national organization gives your program more credibility which can significantly help with fundraising efforts. Registered teams are also able to umbrella under the USPSA'S 501c3 status and get the benefits of a nonprofit organization to help solicit funds for your team with tax deductions. Review the paperwork on the downloads page to read full qualifications.

Read more about registration requirements for each level (conference, non-conference, or recreation).

Help Grow Power Soccer Near You
As time passes and awareness grows, teams will likely form closer to your area. Until then, you can support the process by passing along information to schools, rehabilitation hospitals, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Not only will they multiply the odds of getting more players for your team, but they may also know someone who is willing to coach. Find marketing materials on the downloads section of our website (more coming!).

If you have 6 or more new athletes and are interested in starting a new team, we can see if a new athlete clinic makes sense. With this hands-on clinic experience, we will guide participants through skills, drills, and scrimmage with an end goal of starting a new team.

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