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November 19, 2018

3 Ways to Practice 1v1’s

Jake Bell
Scot Goodman

With the two-on-one rule, dribbling and facing off against opponents in one-versus-one matchups is an extremely important skill. It can be hard, however, to practice these skills in anything other than a scrimmage or real game. Whereas setting up plays or practicing shooting is relatively straightforward, the same cannot always be said for practicing one-versus-one in a game accurate way. Here are three ways to practice 1v1’s:

These are just three simple ways to practice one-versus-one beyond just having two players go at, while also being able to include the whole team at practice. Most of these situations will occur multiple times throughout games and being able to anticipate what could happen is almost as important as being able to execute what you want to do. That wouldn’t be possible without having reliable practice drills that accurately depict the situation.

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