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Speed tests

February 16, 2016
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In accordance with USPSA’s Laws of the Game, “the maximum speed allowable during the match for powerchairs

is 10 kph (6.2 mph). This applies to both forward and backward direction”. 

In order to ensure the integrity of the sport, referees must ensure that each chair is speed tested BEFORE EVERY match. 

There are three recognized methods to speed test chairs:

1.Manual testing by two officials with stop watches.

2.Electronic testing by running chairs between two electronic “gates”.

3.Stationary testing on rollers (this is the only testing method whereby chairs can be measured going in reverse.)

The referee assigned as the center official for the match is responsible for supervising and verifying the speed teststhrough the use of certified assistant referees, club linesmen, or designated speed testers.  Referees are reminded that when they sign the official score sheet they are verifying that all the chairs used in that game have been speed tested before play.

Referees are instructed to adhere to this requirement immediately.

Happy whistling,Chris Mulholland

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