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Special Announcement Regarding Strike Force from President Russo

June 21, 2014
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Dear Members of the USPSA,

Within the past 48 hours an unprecedented decision was made by FIPFA to ban the Strike Force chair for international competitions due to a violation of Law 4 holding or trapping the ball near the rear wheel. We have all had time to vent and voice our opinions on the outrage of this decision; it is time to address the way forward to allow those players who have been preparing to compete in a World Cup qualification in three weeks a chance to compete in the equipment they have practice in to play.

The manner and process surrounding this decision are clearly in question however in the interest of the players, the USPSA has submitted a proposal to the world members to consider. I have asked the Zone Presidents to call for an emergency meeting to consider, support and present this proposal to FIPFA for their action in time for the competition in Ireland. While we do not agree with the interpretation of the chair holding or trapping the ball, in the interest of all concerned and in the best interest of the sport, we will acquiesce and agree to disagree to allow forward progress. Below is the proposal submitted:

The United States presents the following proposal for the member countries to consider supporting:


The FIPFA Sports Commission accepts the proposed remedy presented by the Power Soccer Shop to address the issue with Law 4, trapping or holding the ball by June 27, 2014

The FIPFA Sports Commission removes the ban on the Strike Force chair on June 27, providing the Strike Force chair is fitted with the accepted bar by the first game of the next official international competition.

This proposal will make way for players who have been planning to compete in the Euro Championship to use their chairs. The Power Soccer Shop will have the bars available for all Strike Force chairs for that competition.

It is my hope this proposal will receive widespread support of the member nations and we will be able to put this matter behind us. I thought it was important to communicate to all of you what was being done to resolve this issue. If this proposal is not accepted or adopted, it does not change anything here in the US and we will make other appropriate decisions based on the action taken or not taken by FIPFA in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Thank you,

Dominic Russo


United States Power Soccer Association

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