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Power Soccer, CCS and Covid-19

March 13, 2020
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Dear USPSA Family,

Please read this in entirety as it covers several points.

We have had many discussions surrounding the upcoming CCS in Ft Wayne, (Turnstone) and the current situation regarding Covid-19. We are living in a time of elevated caution. You have heard the news of actions being taken. Health agencies, schools and other organizations have taken the measure of canceling events to avoid the spread of the virus.

For reasons of prevention, we recommend all power soccer activities be suspended for now. The more limited the exposure, the more limited the risk.

As of this time, our plans are to still move forward with the CCS June 25-28. We are hoping that by that time, the situation is much different. Many airlines have put in place policies of flexibility around bookings. Please take the time to thoroughly understand those if your plans involve flying. One area we have to make a change to this year involves room bookings.

We are making an exception this year in our approach to this. All athletes and teams should make their own reservations at the best rate they can obtain. Note that particular hotel cancellation policy. We will provide a recommended list below. This will allow each of us to cancel as individuals or teams if for some reason we are not able to attend. This eliminates any financial commitment in the event we delay or cancel. If we maintained the room block as we have in the past, the USPSA potentially could be responsible for the considerable expense.

We recommend you book rooms immediately. Many of the events that are scheduled this month are looking at alternative dates in June, so the demand for rooms might be high. The typical cancellation policy is 24 - 72 hours before your stay, so everyone will have plenty of time.

You will see the registration packet for the CCS very soon.

We will be studying the situation as it changes and if there is a need to postpone or cancel the CCS, we will make that decision as far in advance as possible. In the event of cancellation, the deposits for CCS would be refunded. Thank you for understanding.

As for events leading up to the CCS. Common sense prevails. Please continue to put safety and health first. Athletes, loved ones, parents, and families - you know your health risk better than anyone. That should always be the priority.

We are waiving the 12 game minimum requirement that has been in place to attend the CCS. We do not want anyone to feel any unnecessary pressure to travel or participate to meet a minimum requirement.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. Stay safe!

The address for Turnstone, (so you can gauge proximity), is 3320 N Clinton St, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

Recommended hotels.

The first two were intended as room blocks. They have been the most accommodating and as flexible as they could be. The Hampton is the newest hotel in Ft Wayne and downtown across the street from the convention center. These two hotels are right beside each other.

Hampton Inn




Hilton Downtown (many have stayed in the past). Older hotel that is remodeled but not the widest doorways etc.


Newer hotel, not downtown but close to Turnstone




If you have any questions about the hotels or areas, please feel free to reach out. Email, or my cell phone below.

Jim Labas


United States Power Soccer Association



Cell Phone: 260-403-0134

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