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MK Battery Championship Series Final Results

July 14, 2014
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Premier Cup

1. ASU Sun Devils

2. Tampa Thunder

3. Circle City Rollers

4. CNY United

5. Turnstone Flyers

6. RHI Sudden Impact

7. Minnesota Magic

8. DASA MO Rush

9. SoCal Vaqueros

MVP:  Jordan Dickey

Golden Guard:  Gabe Trujillo

Sportsmanship: Sarah Schwegal

Champions Cup

1. Minnesota Shockwave

2. RHI Indy Cruisers

3. Turnstone Furious Flyers

4. Ball State Cardinals

5. San Jose Steamrollers

6. GLASA Chicago Fire

7. Hollister Free Wheelers

8. Tampa Bay Crossfire

9. Sting

MVP: Chad Bojorquez

Golden Guard: Pika Durand

Sportsmanship: Greg Buse

Presidents/Founders Cup

1. BORP Crushers

2. Minnesota Northern Lights

3. Lakeshore Power

4. Vermont Chargers

5. Arizona Heat Elite

6. RHI Inferno

7. Brooks Barracudas

8. Henry County Hot Shots

Founders Cup:

MVP: Brandon Garner

Golden Guard: Brandon Garner


MVP: Joey Wells

Golden Guard: Stanley Kuang

President/Founders Conference Sportsmanship: Collum Cain

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